Smokey Returns…

The other day after over 6 months, there was a knock at my door, it was none other than Smokey himself.

We had a few beers and a few biffs, it set off a chain of conversations the type of which haven’t happened for many years.

It started out as just normal silly but funny little things, it was quite possibly the brief discussion about a conspiracy theory that started it all off.

The theory goes, that everything was created last Thursday, I know how crazy that sounds but it is a real theory and there are people who believe it.

I don’t know how long we were laughing about it but it then went onto something that had been confusing me, I have a kettle inwhich I can see the water boiling, watching it boil I had to ask how does heat create air bubbles in the water?

This is the kind of things that we discuss when Smokey and Fuzzy take over.

With that in mind we both watched the water boil, as it got more fierce we came to the conclusion that those would be some seriously rough seas, like in the movie “The Perfect Storm” thats where “our mate George who lives in the kettle” came about, basing it on George Clooney as he stared in the aforementioned movie.

Just to confirm this George is not George Clooney and his name is pronounced with a French accent, whenever the kettle opens George always looks up with all amounts of faith only to see more water being poured in to which his only response is “Fuff-umtche”.

One of the later things that we discussed was when I was about 10 on a scout camp, there was a few of us around a fire along with a Scout leader. included in this group there was a ginger kid and for no reason that I remember the leader stood up, pointed to this ginger kid and shouted “Bakey Beany, lives in a tin, Bakey Beany wont let you in” there was a few more lines to this little insult but I cant remember them, that one line got us laughing for ages.

So there you have it a little look into the world of Smokey and Fuzzy.

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